Our style

We are the teenagers of the Focolare Movement . We are of different races and languages, belonging to different Christian Churches, but also to other religions or cultures that have no religious affiliation. There are 150,000 of us present in 182 countries.

We put into practice the Golden Rule: “Do to others what you want them to do to you” present in the sacred books of the main religions of the world.

We live to bring about peace, with activities we do on our own and together, locally and worldwide. Every year we have a worldwide relay race for peace Run4Unity (on the same day we all run from 11 to 12 noon in every time zone). This involves thousands of teenagers in every part of the world.

In our classes we daily strive to carry out projects of fraternity, through the Teens4Teens project, which puts classes of different countries into contact, so as to create relationships of exchange and getting to know people of our own age in other schools around the world.

To keep in touch, share positive news about the teenage world and to know about the steps taken towards a united world, peace and universal brotherhood, we produce the Teens magazine, written by teenagers for teenagers.