What do we do?

We carry out various initiatives locally and worldwide in order to do our part in bringing about a united world.

We live and spreada culture based on giving and sharing .

We work for peace starting with our neighbours up to worldwide initiatives.
Would you also like to stop the wars ? You can start with something small every day: the Time-out for peace. A minute of silence or prayer at 12 noon asking for peace. We do this together with many people around the world.

We invent big and small initiatives to “colour our cities” bringing joy and concrete help especially in the "greyest" parts where poverty, solitude and margination prevail.

We organize meetings, day meetings and assemblies in schools to make many teenagers aware of our lifestyle. We contribute to fraternity at school , together with others students of the world, through the project Teens4Teens.
We give life to ecological activities .

We try to use the media so that they may always more become instruments for a united world .

We have devised a magazine made by teenagers for teenagers: Teens.

We have sport races, games and recreative activities that are also useful to build real relationships between people and are an occasion for dialogue and mutual respect.

Every year we run the worldwide realy race for peace Run4Unity.