Teens is a magazine done by teenagers for teenagers . It is our magazine: it's ours because we are the ones talking in it.

Teens proposes to give space to all the positive things regarding the world of teenagers . Yes, because there are many good pieces of news about our generation, our pages want to give value to them and spread them around.

The editing team is formed by teenagers supported by some journalists and expert tutors in various fields. The Italian edition is currently translated in five languages, however local editions are starting up in various parts of the world in order to give life to different editions in various geographical and linguistic areas.

It's a magazine that we build together : each person can collaborate by writing, proposing topics, inventing games, drawing, providing photographic material…

Teens wants to give space to the many people who believe that it is possible to bring about a united world, in peace , and they commit themselves until words like solidarity and fraternity become life. Is it quite a daring project? It could be, but what is a life without a great ideal? And many people are already on the way to bring it about. You don't beleive it? An extra reason why you should get to know Teens!

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