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Individuals, families, local community groups, school and church groups, clubs, etc.
Seasoned athletes and beginners alike
People of all faith backgrounds and cultural traditions

All ages, and where possible, you are encouraged to participate in a local youth-led event


This is a world initiative! Local groups can create their own simultaneous events that will be put in network with other events happening around the world.

Participants will run, jog, walk, or participate in local sporting events.Where possible, the events will/should be held at a venue symbolic of peace, at a border between countries or communities in conflict, or at an ecologically significant site to bear witness to unity and peace!

Participants will log their kilometers/miles ran, jogged or walked, or minutes of exercise, which will be turned into trees or plants through collaboration with local and international organizations.

Agostino Spolti, former international coordinator of Teens4Unity, tells how Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, inspired the launch of Run4Unity.


1. If you are hosting a Run4Unity, add it to the calendar at United World Project to show the global impact of our commitment and to allow others to connect with you and join your local event. Groups are invited to organize their own local events and take responsibility for its logistics.

2. If you use the Strava app, join the Run4Unity2023 club to log your kilometers/miles.

3. On the day of the event, log your kilometers/miles run or minutes of exercise as well as the trees* that you are planting in the Form: Google forms Run4Unity.

* Or donate the funds raised to an organization such as Plant for the Planet, experts who plant trees with the assurance that they will then be cared for as well as choose where in the world you would like the trees to be planted. 

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May 7, 2023

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