“Hombre Mundo-Global Person Project” of the Gen3 and Teens4Unity took place in many cities all over the world the weekend of 25 -26-27 February 2022. There were groups who met together for the event and many others followed it online. But it surely will not stop there!

The rich, 3-stage program has been prepared for months with much enthusiasm by over 300 teens from all over the world and is available on this website in 8 languages.

The 3 stages are the following:

Stage I – Our Lifestyle
Our lifestyle is the art of loving: how are we living it and how do we live it during the pandemic?

Stage II – World Tree: Responsibility
Our commitment to an integral Ecology and to achieve our Zero Hunger goal.

Stage III – That All may be ONE
The beauty of the encounter between peoples and the commitment of all of us together to build a world of peace and unity.

You can participate in HombreMundo, by joining a group of friends (small or large depending on current Covid restrictions in your area) and together explore the videos of these 3 stages as well as the message sent by Margaret Karram, other experiences, workshops and a lot more that you will find in these pages.  Links for further details of each stage and to access the videos are available below.

Hombre Mundo – the Global Person Project is about people engaged as active citizens towards those most in need. So give it a try and share your news, ideas and experiences with other teens from around the world. Send us your news at centrogen3.rpu@focolare.org and contact the Gen3/Teens 4 Unity community near you for information about upcoming local events and activities. Stay tuned to this website and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to remain involved.

Our Lifestyle

Ecology – Zero Hunger

Peace – Unity among Peoples

Margaret’s Message

Time-Out & ‘Live’ Greetings

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