Would you like to experience that every culture is a gift for the world ? Are you ready to pull up your sleeves for those who are most disadvantaged? Start travelling with us towards the international Citizens of the World Camp!

Every three years the Teens for Unity promote an international workshop to be educated in the culture of fraternity on a worldwide scale , to learn how to know, love and respect the other’s country as their own.

The event takes place in two phases. The first week the teenagers, coming from various countries, work together in a “culture of reciprocity” environment: overcoming cultural and historical contrasts, even strong ones, discovering bonds in order to build a network of fraternity. This is an experience able to transform them into citizens of the world .

The second week we move to various cities of the host country or in neighbouring countries and we go “towards the outskirts” to carry out activities of solidarity as a key to fraternity .

The 2014 Citizens of the World Camp was held in Argentina, the 2017 Citizens of the World Camp in Eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia and Poland).  In 2020 it will take place in Africa (Kenya, Ivory Coast).  And at the same time, many other local construction sites will be held in various cities around the world.

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